About the SBM Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base enables you to share items with internal, external, and anonymous users. Items are published to the Knowledge Base as problems and resolutions. Your privileges determine if you can submit, view, update, and delete problems and resolutions in the Knowledge Base.

After articles are published in the Knowledge Base, other users can view them based on their access level, privileges, and settings within each problem or resolution.

About Problems and Resolutions

Problems and resolutions are records with fields that store information about a problem with a product or service and known resolutions to that problem. Problems are stored in the Problems table and resolutions are stored in the Resolutions table.

A Knowledge Base problem can contain:

A Knowledge Base resolution can contain:

Knowledge Base Example

A customer reports a problem with a product that other customers may encounter. A support representative submits the problem into the Knowledge Base and sets it for public viewing so that other customers can view it. When a resolution is determined for the problem, the support representative submits the resolution to the Knowledge Base and associates it with the problem.

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