Modifying Fields Values in Mass Updates

Fields that require data, or are specified for mass updating by your administrator, can be modified during a mass update. After you complete the mass update, new field values replace the old field values in all selected items.

To modify field values during a mass update:

  1. Select the items you wish to mass update. For details, refer to Selecting Items to Mass Update.
  2. On the Select an Action page, select the transition you wish to perform. For details, refer to Selecting a Mass Update Action.
  3. A form containing the fields available for mass update opens. Modify field values as needed, and then click Finish.
    Important: Required fields are still marked as required even if all items have a valid value for that field.
    Note: If items that you are mass updating span multiple projects in which the required attribute has been overridden, the first item in the list is used to determine the project that is used to determine the required fields. This means that a required field may not display as required if the first item in the list doesn't have the same requirement set for that particular field.
  4. You are prompted to confirm that you want to update multiple items. Click OK to continue. Click Cancel to cancel the mass update.
  5. If you completed the mass update, the results page opens. For details, refer to Viewing Mass Update Results.

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