Working with Resolutions

Depending on your product access level and user privileges, you can submit, update, and delete resolutions into the Knowledge Base. View problems associated with resolutions.

Submitting Resolutions

To submit a resolution:

  1. From an existing problem, click the Create New Resolution link to open the Submit form for the Resolutions table.
  2. Complete the following fields on the Submit form as needed, and then click OK.
    Field Description Notes
    Page heading The name of the table that you are submitting into appears as the page heading. If you are updating an item, the type of item appears as the page heading. However, your administrator can determine which field information appears along with this information. Appears on all forms.
    Buttons Click OK to submit the form after you provide the necessary information in the fields; click Cancel to cancel the submission. Appears on all forms.
    Actions list The Actions drop-down list provides additional options, such as adding notes and attachments to an item. These options are available to you based on your privileges. For details on each option available in the Actions drop-down list, see Working with Item Actions. Appears on all forms, unless administrative settings prevent it from being displayed on custom forms.
    image This icon indicates that the form is a custom form. Appears only on custom forms.
    Field sections Fields are organized in sections by your administrator. The Standard Fields section is always available on quick forms; additional field sections may also be available depending on your privileges and user profile settings. You can collapse and expand field sections by clicking the plus and minus signs located in the upper left corner of each section.
    Note: Your administrator can rename field sections, including the Standard Fields section, so field section labels may vary.
    Appears on all forms.
    Fields The form contains an assortment of fields defined by your administrator. Provide values for these fields as needed.

    You must provide information for all required fields before submitting or updating the item. To do so, you may need to expand a field section to provide values for required fields.

    Appears on all forms.

    By default, required fields are labeled with red, italicized text with an asterisk next to them. Fields that have green, italicized labels are required fields that have values. Your administrator can change these settings, however.

Updating or Deleting Resolutions

To update or delete a resolution:

  1. Locate the Knowledge Base problem that you want to update or delete.
  2. If a resolution to the problem exists, the resolution name appears as a link. Click the link to display the resolution.
  3. Click Update to modify information that pertains to the selected resolution. A form with the current information in the fields opens. Make modifications to the information.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.
  5. To delete a resolution, click Delete. The SBM User Workspace prompts you to confirm that you want to delete the resolution.

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