Selecting Items to Mass Update

Your privileges determine which items you can mass update. Your search or report results list may contain items that you do not have privileges to mass update. If you select items that you do not have privileges to mass update, the items are not updated by the mass update, but you may be able to individually update items. For details, refer to Viewing Mass Update Results.

To select items to update:

  1. Perform a Search by Keyword or Submitter search, Advanced or Knowledge Base search, or run a Listing report. For details on performing these tasks, refer to:
  2. On the results page, a check box appears next to each item. Select the check box for each item that you want to mass update. To select all items, click the Check All link. To clear all selections, click the Uncheck All link.
  3. Click the Update All Checked button. The Select an Action page opens.

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