Working with Public and Knowledge Base Folders

In general, items in public and Knowledge Base folders are links to items stored in projects or tables, reports, and URLs. When you copy, move, or remove a link using the following steps, you are not changing the associated item, only the link.

Note: When you select a report from the list and click the Delete icon: image, you are deleting the actual report. To remove the link only, click the Remove button.

You can copy or move links to any folder that you have privileges to, including your favorites folders.

To copy, move, or remove a link from a folder:

  1. In the navigation pane, click the Public Folders or Knowledge Base link.
  2. Select the folder from which you want to copy, move, or remove a link. If the link is located at the root, click the Select Top Folder icon: image and then the View Folder Content icon: image. The list of links in the folder appears in the content pane.
  3. From the list, select the check box next to the links that you want to copy, move, or remove. To select all items, click the Check All link; to clear all check boxes, click the Uncheck All link.
  4. To copy or move the links, select the destination folder from the To: list, and then click the Copy or Move button. To remove the links, click the Remove button.
Note: If the Auto Requery check box is selected in your user profile, the navigation pane automatically refreshes every time an item is added or removed from a folder.

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