Granting Login to a New User Account

Note: This feature is available only to SBM On-Premise/PaaS customers.

Use the Grant Login dialog box to assign a non-SBM user a new account. This option is available only if you have the "Assign Contact External User Access" privilege and if you are viewing or updating a record in the Contacts table.

After a contact has a login ID and password to SBM, you can revoke access by selecting Revoke Login from the Actions drop-down list, if necessary.

Note: The e-mail auto reply feature is available for contacts that submit items to SBM. If a contact submits an item, an automatic e-mail reply is sent.

To grant an SBM login ID to a contact:

  1. From a Contact field or contact record, select Grant Login from the Actions drop-down list. The contact name appears in the Account For field of the dialog box that opens.
  2. Complete the fields on the Grant Login dialog box as needed.
    Field Description
    Login Account Type an account name or login ID for the contact.
    Password Type a password for the contact.
    Product Access If this option is available, assign either External User or Occasional User product access to the new user. For details on each product access type, refer to the SBM Application Administrator Guide.
    Grant Account Click to create an SBM user account for the contact.

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