E-Mail Templates for User Registration and Password Changes

You can modify e-mail templates used by the following features: user registration and the password change request features.

The following table describes the e-mail templates available for password changes and user registration features:

Template Applicable Feature
extregconfirm.txt Self-registration confirmation for external users
passconfirm.txt Password change confirmation for all users

Password change confirmation for external users

passrequest.txt Password change request fulfillment for all users in systems

Password change request fulfillment for external users

userimportnotification.txt Account creation confirmation and login information for users imported from a spreadsheet

For the self-registration feature, you can customize the provided templates to meet your needs or create a new text or HTML template. For instructions, refer to Customizing Self-Registration E-Mail Templates in SBM System Administrator.

You must use provided templates for password change requests and confirmations for users imported from a spreadsheet. You can modify the provided template, however.