This service runs a specified SBM ModScript.


Argument Type Description
auth (optional) Auth The Auth type supplies credentials and optionally, a host name for licensing. The userId and password can be specified with HTTP BASIC or WS-SECURITY instead.
scriptId (required) Identifier Identifier for the script to execute.
inputs ExtendedData Holds name/value pairing for inputs to the ModScript that you want to execute.


ModScriptHolder is returned. For more detail, see ModScriptHolder.


Use RunModScript to execute any of the methods available in SBM ModScript. You can also call RunModScript from an orchestration workflow to execute a ModScript. For example, in an orchestration, you might want to invoke a script from the command-line, read/write data to a file, or update an item with text. You can have an orchestration call ModScript for any of these tasks and more.

Note: You can send any one of the elements in scriptId—you do not need to provide values for every element. You only need to provide more than one element in the event that the first element does not uniquely identify the script.

For details on programming with SBM ModScript, refer to the SBM ModScript Reference Guide or SBM Composer help.



The following XML is a snippet of the payload that is sent with RunModScript.