The ModScriptHolder type contains the RunModscript response and any errors that were returned. The ModScriptHolder type parameters are listed below.


Name Type Description
output ExtendedData Holds response data.
status Status Holds status information for any messages or failures that are encountered.


The WorkflowHolder type returns the results of the RunModscript call. If any errors occur during the call, they are returned in the status element in the order in which they were processed.


After the following ModScript has been added to a process app in SBM Composer and it has been deployed, ModScriptHolder is returned.

Sample ModScript:

// get input from web service
var param_one = Shell.Params["param_one"].to_string();
var param_two = Shell.Params["param_two"].to_string();

// write a script that does something useful

// write output to web service
Shell.Outputs.push_back(Pair("output_one","first_output_value: " + param_one)); 
Shell.Outputs.push_back(Pair("output_two","second_output_value: " + param_two));


            <ae:value>first_output_value: one</ae:value>
            <ae:value>second_output_value: two</ae:value>