Overrides Overview

Use overrides to tailor your overall process by modifying inherited elements in workflows and projects.

For example:

Workflow overrides are applied in SBM Composer; all project and a few workflow overrides are applied in SBM Application Administrator.

Changes you make in a workflow are not reflected for end users if the project has settings that override the workflow's settings. A state or transition override at the project level has the final authority regarding what users see. For example, if you set a default value for a selection field in a workflow, that value might not be available to users if a project or transition in a project has its own override for that field.

To ease application maintenance, always define workflow settings at the highest level possible, and then override them for sub-workflows and projects only when necessary.

Applying Workflow Overrides

You can override the following workflow attributes in SBM Composer:
  • Field properties
  • Field privileges for workflows, states, and transitions
  • Default form selection for workflows and for individual states and transitions
  • Transition ordering for states
  • Time Capture settings

For details, refer to Finding Overrides in SBM Composer.

Note: A duplicated workflow is considered a sibling workflow and inherits the fields, states, transitions, and forms in the original workflow.

Applying Project Overrides

You can perform the following override tasks in SBM Application Administrator.
Task Type Tasks
Workflow Set and override default values for User, Multi-User, and Multi-Group fields. The Override field properties check box must be selected for each field on the Field Overrides tab of the application workflow editor.
Project Override the following project attributes:
  • Default state forms
  • Default transition forms
  • Default project, state, and transition field ordering when quick forms are used
  • Field attributes for projects and transition fields
  • Display options for fields in projects and for transition fields (except Binary/Trinary, Date/Time, Numeric, and Text fields)
  • Dependent field selections for independent Single Selection fields
  • Dependent field selections for User fields
  • Time Capture settings
State Override the following state attributes in projects:
  • Inherited state form
  • Default field ordering quick forms are used
  • Transition button ordering
Transition Override the following transition attributes in projects:
  • Transition authentication settings for transitions
  • Inherited transition form
  • Project settings for Post, Subtask, and Copy transitions
  • Default field ordering for transitions when quick forms are used
  • Calculations for Date/Time and Numeric fields
  • Transition button ordering
  • Default values for transition fields