Finding Overrides in SBM Composer

Use the following information to determine where overrides are applied for various design elements.

Field Overrides

You can view field overrides on the Field Overrides tab for workflows and transitions.

Field overrides for workflows and transitions are represented by:

Form Overrides

Use the icons on the workflow editor to determine if a state or transition uses a custom form or a quick form. A square on any icon indicates that the form is inherited. For example:


  1. A colored icon indicates that a state or transition is using a custom form.
  2. A gray icon indicates that a "quick form" is being used.
  3. The second icon for states represents print forms. A colored icon indicates that a custom form is used.

You can also see inheritance information on the Forms tab for individual sub-workflows, states, and transitions.

Field Privilege Overrides

You can view field privilege overrides on the Field Privilege Overrides tab for workflows, states, and transitions. If the Override field privileges check box is selected for any of these design elements, the field privileges have likely been overridden. Scroll through the list to see field placement in privilege sections.

Time Capture Settings

You can view Time Capture overrides on the General tab for sub-workflows. If time capture is set to on or off for a sub-workflow, the settings have been overridden.

Transition Ordering for States

You can view transition ordering on the Transitions tab for specific states. If the Override transition ordering check box is selected, the transition ordering has likely been overridden. Scroll through the list to see the transition order for the state.