Common Log

The Common Log sub-tab displays messages pertaining to various aspects of SBM runtime operations, including the execution of application workflows. However, common log messages are most useful for diagnosing and debugging orchestration workflow problems.

Tip: For diagnostic and debugging purposes, the Log Viewer in SBM Composer provides the most useful view of the Common Log. For more information, see the SBM Composer Guide.

On the Common Log sub-tab, you can:

There are two logging types for messages that appear in the Common Log:

The following information is available for each entry:
Field Description

The logging level associated with the entry.

Logged On

The date the entry was logged.

Logged By

The entity that provided the log entry.


The details of the common log entry.

Logging Levels

Click the Settings button to select a logging level that determines the verbosity, or volume of messages that will be logged.

Note: A list of all known published process apps appears, along with the applications and orchestrations contained in each process app. Process apps that are in development (that is, process apps that have been checked in but not published) do not appear.

Select an application or orchestration, and then select a logging level from the Level drop-down list. You can also select a logging level, and then click Apply to all to use the selected logging level with every application and orchestration.

The following logging levels are available:

The technical log entry is an attribute attached to the log message at its origination. It indicates the purpose of the log message and allows log messages to be filtered, reducing the volume of log messages that are captured while still capturing useful information.

The highest volume of messages are logged with the trace level; the lowest volume of messages are logged with the fatal level. If any technical logging level is selected, the system logs both user-type and technical-type messages to that level. For example, if you select warn, then user-type messages containing debug information will not be logged.

Note: SBM Composer requests the user level when the Debug Logging feature is turned on in the Log Viewer. To override this so an SBM Composer user can see technical-type messages in the Log Viewer, select one of the technical levels in the dialog box shown above. If the SBM Composer user turns Debug Logging off, the logging level is set to error; when the user turns Debug Logging on again, the logging level is set to user.

Logging Tips and Best Practices

The following list provides recommendations for using the Common Log.

Note: The host address for the SBM Orchestration Engine server that hosts the Common Log is the same as the host address for the BPEL server. This address is displayed in the URL column for the first BPEL server on the Target Servers tab for an environment. For more information, see Setting Up the BPEL Engine.