E-mail Templates

Use the Templates view to customize e-mail templates for the features shown in the following table.

Template Type Use Context
E-mail submission replies Confirmation and failure messages Project
Notification E-mails sent to users Workflow
Scheduled reports Deliver scheduled reports Global
Registrations and password changes External user registration confirmation messages and password change requests Global (on-premise only)
User e-mail Messages sent by users from primary and auxiliary items Global
View sharing alerts Messages sent to users when a Work Center view is shared with them or when the view is no longer shared with them Global

Default templates for each of these features are shown on the Templates view. To open this view from the Administrator portal, select E-mails, and then select Templates.

You can then use this page to add new templates and modify or delete existing templates.

You can also search for templates and you can filter the list by template type.

For details on using the e-mail template editor, refer to About the E-mail Template Editor.

For a list of tags applicable to each template type, refer to E-mail Template Tags.