Searching for Reports

You can use two methods to find reports:
  • Quick Search

    Use to find and run reports in all applications or the selected application context. Refer to Using Quick Report Search.

  • Report Center Search

    Use to find reports that you can run, edit, delete, and schedule. For details, refer to Using Report Center Search.

Both search options enable you to search for information in the report title, comment, footer, and reference name.

Using Quick Report Search

To use the quick report search:

  1. Click the Search (image) icon on the main toolbar.
  2. Select one of these contexts:
    • If you have Home selected, you can search for any report in the system, so the search context is set to Global.
    • If you have an application or application group selected, you can select either the Global or Local context. Global returns any report in the system, while Local returns reports specific to the selected application or application group.
  3. Type your search criteria in the Search box.
  4. Click Reports. A list of reports matching your criteria is returned. Use the filters on the left to limit the list of results until you find the report you need.
  5. Click a report row to run the report.

Using Report Center Search

To use Report Center search:

  1. Use one of these options to open the Report Center:
    • In the navigation menu, click Report Center.
    • Click the Manage Views icon (image) located in the navigation menu, and then click the Reports menu header.
  2. Select a report category to search. For example, select My Reports to search for reports you created or select All Reports to search all reports you can access.
  3. Search for the report you want to run, then filter the results list by one of these categories:
    • Favorite
    • Application
    • Project
    • Auxiliary Table
    • Type
    • Access
    • Author
    Note: If too many items are returned in any category, you can search the results lists. For example, if more than 10 applications are returned, you can search for a specific application in the result list.
  4. Reports are listed in the right pane and are sorted by the last run time. Click a report row to run the report.