Searching for Items by ID

You can search for primary items in the selected application by item ID. You can type the entire item ID, including prefix, or only the numeric ID. All projects in the selected application are searched, and all active and inactive primary items that meet the search criteria are returned.

Note: Your administrator can enable the ID search to span all applications to which you have access. The results are grouped by application tab name, with the current application appearing first.

To search by ID, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Application tab that contains the primary item that you want to find.
  2. In the ID Search box located on the Application toolbar, type the item ID of the item. Use the following tips for specifying the ID:
    • Type the exact ID number of the item that you are searching for. For example, if you are searching for DEF00015, you can type 15 to return this item. Leading zeros are automatically prepended to your numeric search criteria.

    • Asterisks (*), percent signs (%), and underscores (_) serve as wildcard characters. Wildcard characters are valid only on the numeric portion of the item ID, however, and not the prefix portion.

      A wildcard character matches zero or more consecutive characters.

    • To find all items, type a wildcard character (*, %, or _).

    • To find multiple items, separate each item ID with a space or comma.

    • Leading and trailing spaces are removed when you perform a search.

  3. Click the image button or press Enter.

Items matching your search criteria appear on the Search Results page. The type of item and the search criteria specified in the ID Search box appear as the subheading on the Search Results page. Your administrator determines which fields appear on the Item List pane for ID search results.

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