Using the Advanced Lookup Tool

The Advanced Lookup Tool allows you to search for primary items. It opens in a three-pane view.

  1. Lookup Form – The Lookup form opens in the upper left corner of the three-pane view. Use the Lookup form to enter your search criteria. For details, refer to Lookup Form.
  2. Results Pane – The Results pane appears in the upper right corner of the three-pane view. When you perform a search in the Lookup form, the results appear in the Results pane. Each item returned by the search contains a link that you can click to view detailed information in the bottom pane. For details, refer to Lookup Form Results.

  3. Bottom Pane – The bottom pane is initially empty when you open the Advanced Lookup Tool. After you perform a search, the bottom pane contains the Item Details pane for the first item returned. If you select an item link in the Results pane, the item opens in the Item Details pane. If you select a Create New Item link in either the Lookup form or the Results pane, a Submit form opens in the bottom pane.

To use the Advanced Lookup Tool:

Do one of the following: