Scheduling Reports

The Scheduled Reports tab under your User Profile allows you to schedule reports to run at a particular day and time and have the results e-mailed to you. You can easily schedule reports to execute and send to the e-mail address specified in your user account on a recurring basis by simply selecting a report to run, the frequency it should run, and the exact time it should be executed.

Note: The report is generated and the e-mail is sent according to the Time Zone specified in your User Profile.

The scheduled report runs at the selected time and then the results are e-mailed. This means there might be a delay between the time the report is run and when the e-mail is received.

The e-mail message includes a PDF attachment that contains the report results. For the following report types, users can choose to send report data in a PDF or a zipped Excel document:

Only the first 10 columns are included in PDF reports that return a list of items, such as those above. PDF results for list-type reports are limited to 200 items by default. Your administrator can change this setting, however.

Note the following additional information:

To create a new scheduled report:

  1. Create and save your report as described under Creating and Editing Custom Reports.
  2. Edit your User Profile by clicking your name.
  3. On the Scheduled Reports tab, click Add.
  4. Select an application from the Application drop-down list. The report search results are filtered by the application that you select.
  5. In the Search for Reports field, enter all or part of the report title, or part of a word in the title. Click the search icon or press Enter. A list of reports that match the search criteria are returned.
    Restriction: You cannot schedule reports that require query-at-runtime parameters.
  6. Select a report and click OK. The report title appears with a description of the current schedule (the default is Daily at 12:00 AM).
  7. Select the frequency or date as follows:
    Frequency Options
    Daily Select a time value to have the results e-mailed to you at the same time every day.
    Weekly Select the days of the week and the time each day to have the results e-mailed to you at the same time each day, each week.
    Monthly Select one or more days of the month and the time each day to have results e-mailed to you on the same days, at the same time, each month.
    Note: To accommodate every month of the year, you can schedule monthly reports to be generated and e-mailed on any day between the first day of the month and the 28th day of the month or the last day of the month.
    On Date Select a single day and time to have the results e-mailed to you only once.
  8. In the Cc field, enter all or part of a user name or group to copy other users to the scheduled report e-mail.
    Note: The ability to Cc users and groups is controlled by a privilege that is set by your administrator.
  9. Click Show Advanced Options to use the following options:
    • E-mail template

      Select an e-mail template to use for the scheduled report. The available templates are managed by your administrator. Administrators can create and edit scheduled report e-mail templates (including the default.htm/.txt templates which appear as sr_scheduled_reports.htm/.txt) in SBM Application Administrator.

    • Link type

      Select the link type that should appear in scheduled report e-mails. This controls which interface is used to view the results of the report (SBM User Workspace or Serena Work Center) when the user click the results link in the e-mail or in the PDF.

    • Result type

      Depending on the type of report, use this option to send the results in either an Excel file or a PDF.

    • Suppress e-mail if there are no report results

      Select this check box to suppress the scheduled report e-mail if the report does not contain any results. Only applies to listing reports.

  10. In the summary that appears, you can delete the scheduled report that you just created or add another scheduled report. Click Save Profile to save your changes and finish.

The Scheduled Reports tab displays a list of reports that you have scheduled to run at a particular time. You can delete current items in the list by clicking Delete or you can modify them selecting the report and changing the existing schedule parameters.

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