Deleting Reports

Your privileges determine which reports you can delete. In general, you can delete private reports and reports that you have privileges to delete in specific projects and privilege categories.

You can delete reports from a list of reports in the Item List pane. If the delete icon appears next to a report, you can delete it.

Note: Deleted reports are removed from the database and cannot be retrieved.

From a List of Reports

To delete a report from a list of reports:

  1. Display a list of reports in the content pane using one of the following methods:
    • From the Task page, click one of the following links:

      • Show me my Reports – Returns a list of reports you authored.

      • Find a Report – Opens the Reports page, enabling you to search for reports by author, title, or project. For details, refer to Finding Reports.

    • From the navigation pane:

      • Search for a report using the Reports page. For details, refer to Finding Reports.

      • In the Reports, Favorites, Public Folders, or Knowledge Base areas of the navigation pane, select a folder that contains reports.

  2. Click the delete icon.
  3. A confirmation page opens. Click Delete Report to delete the report from the database.