Importing Translated Strings

The Import XML wizard enables you to import translated strings that meet the criteria described in Adding Translated Strings to the XML File and that adheres to the strings.xsd file located in the xmlschemas folder of installationDirectory\Serena\SBM\Application Engine. Note that changes made to the root strings are ignored. Only changes to translation blocks added after the root string block are imported.

Tip: easiest method of obtaining a valid XML strings file is to use the Export Wizard to export root strings and additional languages from an existing SBM database, modify that file, and import it back into your database.

To import translated strings from XML:

  1. Connect to the database to which you want to import the XML file.
  2. From the Tools menu in SBM System Administrator, select Import From XML. The Introduction dialog box opens.
  3. Click Next.

    The XML File Location dialog box opens.

  4. Type the location of the file you want to import or click Browse to navigate to the file.
  5. Click Next. The Finish dialog box opens.
  6. Click Finish.