Connecting to SBM System Administrator Remotely

Administrators can access SBM System Administrator using the remote administrator feature.
Note: After installing or upgrading SBM, an administrator must first connect via ODBC before remote connections are possible. For details, refer to Connecting to SBM System Administrator Using ODBC.

Remote administrators must install SBM System Administrator on their computers and then connect to the SBM database using the remote connection to Web server.

Some administration functions can only be completed with an ODBC connection. The following areas and tools are also disabled while connecting remotely:
  • License Server Options within the License Options dialog.
  • Attachment Directory Access Account fields within the Attachments tab of the Settings dialog box.
  • Password Request options within the External User tab of the Settings dialog box.
  • All wizards listed in the Tools menu (with the exception of LDAP Setup & Tools).

All users who connect remotely to SBM System Administrator must be granted the Remote Administration privilege.

To connect to SBM System Administrator remotely:

  1. From the File menu, select Connect. The Connect dialog box opens.
  2. Select the Remote Connection to Web Server option.
  3. In the Web Address box, type the IP address of the Web server machine used by your system.
  4. In the Login ID box, enter the login name. Enter your network ID if your system uses Windows or LDAP authentication.
  5. In the Password box, type the password associated with the login ID.
  6. Click OK.