Troubleshooting Orchestrations Using the Validation Results

You can use the Validation Results to troubleshoot orchestration workflows before you publish and deploy them. To learn how to use the Validation Results, see the SBM Composer Guide.

Following are some typical situations that generate error and warning validation messages for orchestration workflows:


SBM 10.1.3 introduced improved support for multi-relational, multi-user, multi-group, and multi-select fields. These changes may cause validation errors in some orchestrations that use multi-type fields when you open the process app in SBM Composer.

Prior to 10.1.3, multi-relational fields were passed as an array of strings in the EventNotice definition. In 10.1.3 and higher, the EventDefinition passes a new Complex Type—Multi_Type—which consists of an array of "Items", where "Item" is a string.

For example, the statement:


Should be expressed as follows after 10.1.3:


If you receive validation errors, review the EventNotice and add \Item manually if it has not been automatically upgraded by SBM Composer.

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