Troubleshooting Orchestrations Using the Common Log Viewer

This section demonstrates how to work with Common Log Viewer messages to troubleshoot, or debug, orchestration workflows. (The Common Log Viewer is described in the SBM Composer Guide.)

Note: Unhandled Web service faults are the most common causes of orchestration workflow failures. (See Using the Scope, Throw, and Compensate Steps to Handle Faults From Web Services.)

If a process app that contains an orchestration workflow does not perform properly, there might be a problem with the orchestration workflow. You can use the Common Log Viewer to troubleshoot orchestration workflow-related runtime errors. The entries in the Common Log Viewer provide an audit trail that you can use to diagnose these problems.

For example, you can determine why incorrect values were copied to working data elements or Service step source elements during the execution of Calculate steps. To do this, turn Debug Logging on, and select User messages only in the Message Filter dialog box. The messages, which begin with "copying value," will show the actual values that the Calculate steps copied.
Note: If a Calculate step is copying an XML element, the message will show the value in XML format.

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