The Resources View

Use the Resources view to view, update, and delete resources in your system. Click the column headers to sort the list by name, job function, or resource type.

The following options are available on the Resources view:

The following information may be listed for each resource:

Tips for Using the Resources View

  • If you need to add more than a few resources, consider importing them or using the Create from SBM Users option. For details, refer to Importing and Exporting Resources or Adding Multiple Resources from SBM User Accounts.
  • To see which resources have a specific skill or job function, search for the skills or job function.
  • Use Items Per Page to set the number of items to display on the page. You can use one of the provided amounts or specify your own number under 1,000 items. Use the navigation arrows to move through multiple pages.
For details on working with resources, refer to: