About Resources

Resources enable you to manage resource team assignments, scheduling, job functions, skills, and other attributes of employees in your organization. This information can be used for planning purposes.

To help coordinate availability and scheduling, you can assign an SBM calendar to each resource.

Use these elements to manage resources:

Resources and Reporting

You can create SBM reports that return data based on resource teams.

For example, you may want to report on items owned by resource "Team A." To do this, create search criteria that contains the condition "Owner contains any Members of Team A." This returns items that are owned by any member of Team A.

The "Members of: Team Name" value is at the bottom of the Field Values list when you create your report search specification. If there are more than 250 values available, you can search for the team name to return the "Members of: Team Name" value.

About Working Hours, Capacity, and Scheduling

When you assign resources to resource teams, you specify the percentage of time each resource is allocated to each team. The actual amount of time allotted to each resource team depends on the business calender assigned on the General tab for each resource.

For example, a Web Developer resource who works 40 hours is assigned to a calendar for full-time employees. This resource is assigned to two resource teams: IT Ops for 75 percent of the time and Marketing for 25 percent of the time. Therefore, the resource works with the IT Ops team for 30 hours and the Marketing team for 10 hours.

A Data Analyst resource may be assigned to the same two resource teams for 50 percent of the time, but is assigned to a business calendar for part-time employees who work 30 hours per week. In this case, the Data Analyst works with the IT Ops and Marketing teams for 15 hours a week.

Resource SBM Calendar Marketing Team Allocation IT OPs Team Allocation
Web Developer Full-time (40 hours) 75% (30 hours) 25% (10 hours)
Data Analyst Part-time (30 hours) 50% (15 hours) 50% (15 hours)

Business calendars are created in SBM Application Administrator and assigned to each resource on the General tab. For details on managing SBM calendars, refer to About Calendars.