Importing New Users from a Spreadsheet

Use the following steps to add new user accounts without updating existing user accounts.

To import new user accounts and Contacts records:

  1. Prepare a spreadsheet by exporting it from an external user store or creating it manually. For guidelines, refer to Preparing a Spreadsheet for Importing Users.
  2. From the Administrator Portal, click Import Users.
  3. Verify that the Do Not Modify option is selected. This prevents existing user accounts from being updated if they exist in the spreadsheet.
  4. In the Import user spreadsheet area, click Browse and navigate to the spreadsheet that contains users you want to import.
  5. Click Find to search for a user that will serve as a template for the imported users. Imported accounts receive the template user's product-access type, role assignments, group membership, privileges, preferences, notification subscriptions, and password settings.
  6. To create Contacts records for the imported users, select the Create Associated Contacts check box.
  7. Map spreadsheet data to SBM user and Contacts record fields. For guidance, refer to Mapping Attributes to SBM Fields.
  8. Click Import.
  9. Select the Import Log tag to monitor the progress of your import.