General State Settings

Use the General page to:

The following information and options are available on the General page when you edit a state or decision.

Note: Decision properties should only be modified in SBM Composer.

General Settings

Transition Ordering Settings

Use the Transition Ordering settings to reorder transition buttons on the form for the state you are editing. For details, refer to Reordering Transition Buttons on State Forms.

Time Capture Settings

You can override Time Capture settings for states in a specific project as long as the Time Capture feature is enabled for the project. For example, you can hide Time Capture options on some state forms, but show them on others. For details, refer to Time Capture.

Note: If Time Capture settings are explicitly set for a project rather than inherited, and you later change the settings to "inherited," time capture overrides set for states and transitions in that project are removed.

Options are: