Using the Editable Grid

The Editable Grid enables you to edit Listing report results and make a variety of changes to information in multiple items at the same time. For example, you may want to use the Editable Grid to:

If you have privileges to update items in the report, you can use one of the edit modes: Update Only and All Transitions. Update only mode enables you to perform updates on all items that you have privileges to update. The All transitions mode enables you to choose from available transitions for the items in the results in addition to being able to update items.

Note: If you do not have privileges to update or transition items, you can view items in the Editable Grid but will be unable to make any changes.

Opening the Editable Grid

The following methods enable you to open Listing reports as an Editable Grid:

After you have opened the Editable Grid, you can perform the following tasks: