TimePreference indicates a user's preferred time format. The available options are listed below.


Name Type Description
TIME-FORMAT-12HOUR string Indicates a 12-hour clock preference.
TIME-FORMAT-24HOUR string Indicates a 24-hour clock preference.
TIME-FORMAT-USE-GMT-OFFSET string Indicates the use of a GMT offset. (No longer used).
TIME-FORMAT-HONOR-DAYLIGHT string Indicates time format with daylight savings honored. (No longer used).
TIME-FORMAT-LEAVE-UNCHANGED string Do not change the current time format. Sent by default if not specified.


TimePreference is used to determine how time is displayed to users. The various time formats are returned in the timePreference parameter of the GetUsers response. See UserInfo for more information.


The following XML shows TimePreference as seen in the return element of a GetUsers response.