Mass Update Feature

Mass update enables users to make the same change to multiple items at the same time. For example, if several primary items have been deferred from the system, all of the items can be reactivated at the same time by performing a mass "Restart" transition. This activates all the items at the same time and places them in the same state.

Mass update enables users to simultaneously transition, update, or delete multiple primary items and to simultaneously update or delete multiple auxiliary items. You can also allow specific fields to be modified when users perform a mass update. For example, if an Additional Notes field is selected for mass update, users can enter a value in the field before completing a mass update. This value overwrites any previous values stored in the field for items that are mass updated. If a value is not provided for the field during the mass update, the original values remain unchanged.

To enable the mass update feature in SBM Composer, select the Allow mass update check box on the Attributes tab of the field Property Editor for specific fields. In SBM Application Administrator, you can override this setting for default fields in projects and for transition fields.

You can control which users can perform mass updates by granting the Mass Update Items privilege. An option to update all selected items will be available to these users at the bottom of report results.

Note: The Rich Editable Grid also allows users to update multiple items at the same time. The Editable Grid differs from mass update in that it enables users to make a variety of changes to information in multiple items at the same time. The Editable Grid is available for Listing reports. Users who have privileges to update items in reports can switch to edit mode and modify items in the list.

Considerations for Using Mass Update

Note the following considerations: