Purge Utility

Restriction: This information pertains only to on-premise installations of Serena® Business Manager.

Some intermediate data is saved into the database during the execution of orchestration workflows. After the execution of many orchestration workflows, some tables can grow large. You can purge some data from those tables to reduce the size of the tables and save disk space.

Note: Not all tables can be purged. Only a few tables that grow very quickly can be purged.
While it is possible to run the purge utility in the background, Serena recommends that you run it regularly during periods of light usage and during maintenance periods. If your application uses orchestrations extensively, it is preferable to run the utility with just the database server is running, but the SBM Application Engine Web Server (IIS) and Serena Common JBOSS services stopped.

If you have not run the purge utility recently, or if you have a lot of orchestration data to purge, consider using the renew utility to reset the orchestration data to the minimum, and then set up a purge schedule to run periodically to keep the orchestration data at manageable levels. The renew procedure cannot be performed in the background, but it typically takes much less time to run than the purge utility.