Locating the Item in the User Workspace


You have deployed the test process app and sent the test message to the test queue.

Perform the steps in this section to locate the item that was created by the test process app when you sent the test message to the test queue.

To locate the item:

  1. Open the SBM User Workspace.
  2. Click the EmqaApplication tab.

    You might have to click the More tab to see it.

  3. In the content pane, under Reports, click Show me "Built-In" Reports.
  4. In the content pane, click Built-In: All Active Items.
  5. Open the highest-numbered item with the title "EMQA Test Message One."

    The Submit Date should be at or after the time you sent the message from the EMQA Test Service. If you do not see a current item, or if there is no item, go to Troubleshooting.