Attributes Tab of the Field Property Editor

This tab is available when you select a field (except for the Sub-Relational type) in a table in the table editor.
Element Description
Defaults Default value: Where available, specify the value (or values) to be preselected or pre-entered for this field.

For some field types, default values must be specified in SBM Application Administrator as part of project configuration after the process app is deployed.

For guidance on setting default values for specific field types, refer to Setting Default Values for Fields.

Backfill to existing items: Specify that the default value will apply to any existing items that were created before the default value was set. This option is available for Binary/Trinary, Date/Time, Multi-Selection, Numeric, Single Selection, and Text fields.

Attributes Required: Specify that users must set a value for the field.

On forms, the label of a required field typically appears to the user in red or green italics, though that can be modified globally in SBM System Administrator.

Allow mass update: Make the field available when users mass update items in the project or auxiliary table. Mass updates let users transition, update, or delete multiple primary items simultaneously and update or delete multiple auxiliary items simultaneously. See Mass Update Feature for related information.

Require appended text: Specify that users must append text to the field during every transition. This option is available when the Required check box is selected, and when Journal is selected on the Options tab.

Read only: Configure the field so that it can be viewed but not edited by users.

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