Event Manager Queue Adapter Architecture

This section describes the EMQA architecture. The architecture consists of three main components: 1) the JMS servers and queues, 2) the EMQA, and 3) Serena Business Manager.

Figure 1. The following figure shows the relationship among the three components of the EMQA.

EMQA Architecture

JMS Servers and Queues

The client application produces messages in the form of XML documents and sends them to one or more queues hosted by a JMS server. The JMS server then delivers the XML documents to one of the JMS listeners configured on the EMQA. Any number of JMS server and queue combinations can be configured to run with the EMQA.

Event Manager Queue Adapter

The EMQA is made up of the following three components:

Serena Business Manager

The EMQA sends the process app events that it creates to the SBM endpoint. The events are first processed by the Event Manager and then by the SBM Orchestration Engine