Adding a JMS Connection: Method 2

Use this method if your JMS provider is not on the list of preconfigured provider types.

Note: You only need to perform these steps once for each JMS provider that you add.

To add a JMS provider:

  1. Under java.lang.String addJmsServer(), in the ParamValue column of the table, enter the required parameter values for the JMS provider you want to add. These values are described in the associated ParamDescription column. The value of the hostName parameter is the name of the JMS server that you want to connect to the EMQA.
    Note: Contact your IT department if you do not know the values for the parameters, or if you have a custom implementation that requires additional parameters. For assistance in adding parameters, contact Serena Customer Support.
  2. Click Invoke.

    The message "The new JMS provider was added successfully" should appear. If you see an error message, go to Troubleshooting.

  3. Click the Back to MBean View link.