Scheduled Report Notification Settings

The following options are available on the General page when you edit a scheduled report notification:

General Settings

  • Name

    Indicates the unique name for the notification, which is used to uniquely identify a scheduled report by user name and and report name.

  • Description

    Optional descriptive information about the notification.

E-mail Options

A new scheduled report notification is created for each report that your users schedule. All scheduled report e-mail notifications can use the same e-mail template, or you can customize the e-mail template for each scheduled report that your users create.

You can manage templates from the global Templates view (Global Mailbox View) or for a specific scheduled report notification. If you create a global template, you must assign the template to specific scheduled report notification.

Important: The scheduled report e-mail templates are used to inform the recipient that report succeeded or failed to run. Therefore, all of the scheduled report e-mail template tags must be present in the e-mail template.