About Work Center

Work Center is an end-user interface that brings the power of all of your SBM-powered solutions and applications to a single portal.

From a single entry point, users can:

For more information about Work Center, refer to the Serena Work Center Guide located on the Documentation Center.

Administrative Tasks for Work Center

Administrative tasks include:
  • Creating application groups so users can view easily information specific to the applications in each group. This task is performed in Application Administrator. Refer to Creating Application Groups.
  • Pinning applications or application groups to the Work Center toolbar. This can be done for all new users or for specific groups and users. For details, refer to Pinning Application Groups.
  • Customizing system views. This task is performed in Work Center. For details, refer to Managing System Views.
  • Creating shared dashboards and views and pinning them to the navigation menus for users who share the view. Refer to Adding Views to User Menus.
  • Designating Single Selection or Numeric fields that calculate estimated and actual time spent on items in Backlog views. Refer to Preparing for Backlogs.
  • Creating resource teams so users can easily share views with different sets of users. For details, refer to About Resources.
  • Changing the link type for e-mail notifications to Serena Work Center so that users are sent to Work Center when they click an item link in an e-mail notification. This task must be completed for each e-mail notification. For details, refer to General Settings.
  • Running Application Usage reports. This report enable administrators to view the number of distinct times and application was accessed within a given date range. For details, refer to the Serena Work Center Guide located on the Documentation Center.
    Note: To use the Application Usage report, on-premise customers must ensure that SBM Logging Services is running in SBM Configurator.
  • Adding end-user help text to projects to guide users as they search for projects when they want to submit new items. This task is performed on the General tab for each project in Application Administrator.
  • Configuring search settings. For details, refer to Configuring the Global Search Feature.
  • Modifying the default purge period (30 days) for the Notifications view. This task is performed in the SBM Configurator and is available for on-premise customers only. For details, refer to the SBM Installation and Configuration Guide.
  • Modifying default branding and labeling. This task is performed in Work Center. Refer to Customizing Work Center Branding.