Using the Application Usage Report

Administrators can run the Application Usage report in Work Center. The report enables administrators to select a specific application or application group, filter by user access type, and then view the number of distinct times it was accessed within a given date range. Within that date range, the results can be displayed in various time increments.

The system aggregates usage data by hour, day, week, and month on an hourly basis. This means the report displays up-to-date aggregated usage for the preceding hour, day, week, and month that has passed. For example, monthly data is not fully aggregated until the system has recorded a month's worth of activity.

Important: On-premise customers must ensure that the SBM Active Diagnostics service is running in SBM Configurator in order to capture and display application usage information.

To run the report:

  1. Click the user icon, and then select Application Usage. The Application Usage Report page appears.
  2. In the Application drop-down list, select the application or application groups that you want to report against. To view usage for all applications, select All.
  3. In the Access Type drop-down list, select the product access type to report against. To see usage for all types of users, select All.
  4. Select a Start Date and an End Date for the usage period. Note that if you want to view hourly usage, you must select a narrow time period. Weekly data cannot be displayed in a time period longer than fifty-two weeks.
  5. In the Show By drop-down list, select how the results should be displayed in the given time period. Results can be displayed hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.
The graph displays the number of distinct users that accessed the system in the specified time period.

The Hourly view displays the number of unique users that accessed the system each hour, which enables you to view the peak usage period for a given day.

The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly views display two graph lines: the number of unique users that accessed the system (via the Unique User line) and the maximum hourly usage (via the Hourly User line).

Note the following additional information:
  • Hover your mouse over any part of the graph lines to view more detailed information including the date, time, and distinct number of users that accessed the system at that time.
  • Click the refresh button to see up-to-date results.
  • To compare usage across your different applications, run the report once for each separate application or application group that you have, and then compare the results that are displayed in each report.