Working With Views and Feeds

Work Center presents information to you through views. Views use feeds to aggregate data into a similar format.

About Views

Views are containers for the various types of information shown in the main content window.

Different types of views are available to you:
  • Dashboard

    Shows reports and external Web pages in "widget" containers. You can add multiple widgets and arrange them to best suit your information needs.

    Refer to Using Dashboard Views.

  • Activity

    Shows work items from one or more activity feeds, enabling you to easily navigate information pertinent to your daily work.

    Refer to Using Activity Views.

  • Calendar

    Shows calendar feeds, giving you a date-based view of information in a calendar format.

    Refer to Using Calendar Views.

  • Backlog

    Shows backlog feeds, which provide a prioritized list of work items and progress reports that help you monitor completion rates.

    Refer to Using Backlog Views.

You can have multiple views of each view type and for your Home page (global), each application, and each application group.

System views are provided to help you quickly access work items:

  • My Dashboard
  • My Activity
  • My Calendar

You can create personal views or share views with other users. You can also add views others have shared with you to your Home and application menus. For details, refer to Sharing Views and Managing Your Views.

About Feeds

Feeds provide a way to aggregate data into various types of views.

Each feed type applies to a specific view type. Available feed types are:

Feeds can have one of these application contexts:

  • Global

    Global feeds can be defined from your user profile or from Home.

  • Application Groups

    Can be created from a view when an application group is selected.

  • Single Application

    Can be created from any location.

Activity and calendar feeds can return items from all applications or from a single application. Backlog feeds can return items from a single application.

Feeds have three access levels:

  • Private

    Visible only to the user who created the feed.

  • Public

    Visible to other users.

  • System

    Visible to all users. Cannot be modified.