Using Activity Views

Activity views give you easy access to work items based on feeds.

Two types of Activity views are available:

  • My Activity

    A system view that by default shows all work items you own for the selected application context (Home, an application group, or a single application).

    Your administrator may add other feeds to this view; you cannot delete these feeds, but you can add and remove your own feeds.

  • Custom Activity Views

    You can create your own Activity views based on feeds you create or public feeds created by other users. Custom activity views are private and cannot be shared with other users.

When you view activities, information is organized in different categories; you can drill down into each category to see relevant information.

For example, Activity views opened from Home initially open to a list of all items meeting the criteria for feeds included in the feed. You can then filter the list by applications, submitters, and owners.


As you filter the list, different criteria is available for further refinement. For example, Once you filter by application, you can filter by projects, states, owners, or submitters.


Note: Your privileges also determine the items returned in an Activity view.

For details about adding feeds to Activity views, refer to Customizing Views and Creating Activity Feeds.