Enabling the Service Requests Integration with Asset Management

You can configure service request projects so that service requests in fulfillment can be associated with financial assets. For details, refer to Asset Management Integrations.

To enable the Service Requests integration:

  1. Open SBM Application Administrator.
  2. Click Projects, and then expand the SRC - Service Request node in the navigation pane.
  3. Expand the Service Request project list.
  4. Edit each project (service) you want to integrate with the Asset Management application.
  5. On the Default Fields tab, search for the Use SSM Asset Management field, and then edit the field.
  6. On the Attributes tab, change the Default Value setting to one of the following options:
    • Yes

      Enables the integration.

    • No

      Disables the integration.

      Tip: If you want to enable the Asset Management integration for all service requests, enable this setting at the highest Service Request project. Otherwise, enable the integration for specific request projects. For example, you may want to enable the integration for new hardware and software requests, but not for password reset requests.

Mapping User Field Selections

The following table lists user-type fields that are mapped for the "Submit from SR" transition in the Service Request process app to fields in the Asset Management process app.

To ensure that users have valid selections in these fields as they work with linked assets and service requests, verify that users are assigned to the listed roles for both process apps.

If you do not want to assign users to these roles, you can add them as selections to the individual fields in each process app.

Both of these tasks are performed in SBM Application Administrator.

Service Requests Process App - Submit from SR Transition
Service Requests Field Service Request Roles Asset Management Field Asset Management Roles
Purchaser Purchasing Purchaser

Asset Manager

Fulfillment Group Fulfiller IT Group Asset Manager
Fulfiller Fulfiller IT Asset Manager Asset Manager
Financial Reviewer Financial Approver Financial Reviewer Financial Approver
Affected User User Employee Employee
Business Reviewer Business Approver Business Reviewer Business Approver