Customizing the Process Apps

Use SBM Composer to modify the process apps, applications, and orchestrations included with SSM. This includes designing states, transitions, forms, actions, and other design elements. You also use SBM Composer to create new roles and tie the roles to particular states or transitions.

The SSM process apps contain references to each other; for example, the Change Management application references the Incident Management application. To eliminate validation errors in SBM Composer, open all of the process apps locally before modifying and deploying a specific process app.

To modify the process apps using SBM Composer:

  1. Click File | Open | Application Repository and select a SSM process app.
  2. Repeat for all SSM process apps. This allows reference information to be loaded into the SBM Composer local cache.
  3. Open the process app to modify.
  4. Modify the process app.
  5. Deploy the changes to your server.

For more information on using SBM Composer, refer to the SBM Composer Guide.

For details on customizing specific process apps, refer to: