About Legacy Requests and Approvals

In SSM 5.2.1 and earlier, the Requests view and the Approvals view (now referred to as "legacy" views) displayed the user's requests and items requiring the user's approval using provided reports. The administrator could specify different reports for those views as long as the reports followed certain criteria.

In SSM 5.2.2 and later, the administrator can specify any report for the new Requests and Approvals views. This provides the administrator complete control over the items and fields that appear in the views. In addition, the results of the report appear in the views just as they do in Work Center.

For upgrading customers, the legacy Requests and Approvals views are automatically displayed in addition to the new views. New customers can also display the legacy views by following the procedure below.

To display the legacy Requests and Approvals views:

  1. Select Customize | Request Center Properties.
  2. Set Add legacy tabs to Allow and click Save.
  3. Select Customize | Request Center Portal.
  4. Click Add tab, and then select Add Legacy Approvals or Add Legacy Requests.