Customizing the Request Center Properties

Request Center is easily customizable, allowing you to tailor the look and feel of the portal. You can:

The following settings are available on the Request Center Properties page.

Customizing the Banner

Use the following settings to modify the Request Center banner.

  • Title

    The title appears next to the logo. You can use the toolbar to format the text.

  • Image (URL)

    Enter an URL to your corporate logo or another image. Remember that all Request Center users must be able to access this URL. Do not, for example, use a URL to a restricted domain.

  • Image Link

    Enter a URL that a user a will be directed to if they click on the logo.

Showing News and Announcements

Select Show in Request Center to display urgent announcements to users in the announcement bar underneath the banner.

Set the Refresh Interval in minutes for the urgent announcements.

For information about creating and publishing urgent announcements, see Creating Urgent Announcements.

Setting the Default Catalog View Mode

Set the default view mode for service list on the Catalog tab.

Standard mode shows a large icon and the service summary; Compact mode only shows a small icon. Users can expand the service in Compact mode to see detailed information.

The view mode is available once users navigate to a container or category. The standard view is always used for Home.

Managing Tabs

Allow legacy tabs if you want the legacy Requests and Approvals tabs to be available in Request Center. After you save this setting, select Customize | Request Center Portal and then select Add Tab | Add Legacy Requests or Add Legacy Approvals.

Specify the number of tabs to display in Request Center. The rest are available from the More drop-down list.

Note: The browser automatically adds tabs to the More drop-down list if the page would be greater than the browser width.

Setting Contact Info

Add a title and content for the contact info link. The title affects both the dialog title and the link name. HTML is not supported in the title field.

The contents appear in the dialog. Use the formatting toolbar to apply styles and formatting to the content.

You can hide the Contact Info link by clearing the Show in Request Center checkbox.