Associating an Icon with a CI Category

Each CI category is represented by an icon, which is displayed in the Relationship Explorer and stored in the CI Categories auxiliary table. By default, certain icons are associated with the default categories and a computer icon is associated with new categories. You can change an icon by selecting another image stored in a provided library or by entering a URL to an image stored somewhere else.

Important: To change an icon or associate an icon with a new category, you must have privileges to the CI Categories auxiliary table.
Note: The images in the library are 64x64 pixels. For optimal viewing, use a square image with a suitable resolution. If the resolution is too low, the image can appear grainy; if it is too high, performance can be slow.

To add or change a CI category icon:

  1. Open the CI Categories auxiliary table in the CMS process app by clicking Manage Data in the Search pane or by running a report against it. The Manage Auxiliary Data page opens.
  2. To change an icon for an existing category, select the category and then click Details. To add a new category, click New.
  3. For an existing category, click change image. For a new category, type the category name and then click new image. The Select an Image window opens.
  4. Select an image from the library or enter a URL to an image in the box at the bottom left, and then click OK. If you enter a URL, make sure that all users have access to it (for example, do not use a URL in a restricted domain).