7. RFC Review and Closure

After the implementation is complete, the RFC moves to the Post Implementation Review state, where the change manager can review the change. This is known as a Post Implementation Review (PIR).

Note: By default, the change manager is notified when a change is transitioned to the Post Implementation Review state.
The review allows the real impact of the change on the organization's quality of service and productivity to be assessed. Some of the basic points to take into account are:

The PIR also verifies that all of the information related to the implementation is entered into the Change Record, such as the objectives, beginning and end dates, time and effort, cost, and lessons learned.

If the final evaluation finds the process and results are satisfactory and the information was entered in the RFC, the RFC can be closed using the Complete transition.

Items that raised the RFC are automatically transitioned to the next state when the RFC is closed. For example, if the RFC was raised from a problem, the problem is moved to the Pending Change state. When all of the RFCs are closed, the All RFCs Closed transition is automatically performed, moving the problem back to the Assessment state.