SLA Clause Options

A clause defines when items should be monitored, and can define what should happen when items violate or are at risk of violating the criteria defined for it. An SLA can contain multiple clauses. The following are examples of clauses:
  • Items in the New state must reach the Assigned state within two hours if the value of the Priority field is "High." If the item is still in the New state and is 30 minutes away from being at high risk, an e-mail notification will be sent to the manager.
  • Items in the Assigned state must reach the Resolved state within three business days if the value of the Request Type field is "Hardware," and time should not be counted against the SLA when the item is in the Waiting for Customer state.
  • Items in the Work Started state must reach the Tested state within one business day if the value of the Impact field is "All work stopped."

When you click the Clauses tab, a list of existing clauses is displayed. The list includes the name, description, and duration of each clause.

The following toolbar options are available:

By default, the Group by path check box is selected, and defined clauses are organized on this page according to the path specified in the SLA Clause General Options. Clear this check box if you want to view defined clauses alphabetically by name.