Reviewing Articles

Reviewing articles before they are published for public viewing in the Knowledge Center ensures that they meet the standards set by your company.

The main actors for reviewing articles are editors/publishers and reviewers. The editor/publisher is responsible for sending the article for review, adding suggested edits to the article, and publishing the article. Reviewers are responsible for reviewing the article and suggesting edits.

The Knowledge Management review steps follow:

  1. The contributor finishes an article and sends it to the publisher using the Send to Publisher transition. The article moves to the Content Preparation state.
  2. The publisher uses the Send for Review transition to send the article for review.
  3. The publisher chooses the reviewers by moving them into the Reviewers list.
  4. After adding the Work Notes to the article, the publisher completes the transition by clicking OK.
  5. The article moves to the Content Review state, where the selected reviewers become the owners.
  6. The reviewer can Approve the article or Suggest Edits. The suggested edits are noted in the Suggested Edit field.
  7. If the reviewer suggested edits, the article moves to the Edits Suggested state.
  8. The publisher can Edit the item with the suggested edits.
  9. After the edits have been incorporated, the publisher chooses to either publish the article or send it for another round of review.

In addition to the usual review path, publishers can choose from the following options: