Updating Knowledge Center Articles

You may need to modify the published articles in Knowledge Center to add information or to fix errors.

Modifying a published article requires that a new item be submitted into Knowledge Management to track the updates. The new item contains a copy of all the information contained in the published article. The published article remains in Knowledge Center.

This duplicate item proceeds through the same Knowledge Management workflow, requiring approvals, if needed. When the item is published, the new content replaces the previous content in Knowledge Center. The comments that were made against the original article remain in Knowledge Center.

Restriction: To modify an existing article, you must have permissions to publish articles.

To modify an existing article:

  1. Select the Knowledge tab in Request Center.
  2. Search for the article.
    Note: Click Include Expired to access expired articles.
  3. Open the article and then click Update This Article. A new item is submitted into Knowledge Management with the Content field populated with the data from the original article.
  4. Edit the article using the Edit transition and the HTML editor.
  5. After you finish the modifications, publish the article to replace the existing content in Knowledge Center.