Change Proposal Management Overview

The Change Proposal Management workflow enables you to track proposals that need evaluation before changes are made.

1. Proposal Creation

Change proposals are submitted into the Change Proposals project in the Change Management process app.

The Submit form contains multiple fields and tabs to enter appropriate information, such as:

The Change Type is always set to Change Proposal and the Change Category is always set to Significant.

When the Change Proposal is created, it is assigned a unique item ID and moves to the Proposal Assessment state.

2. Proposal Assessment

During assessment, change managers select CAB members who need to approve the proposal.

The change manager must provide an estimated effort at this time, and can also provide an estimated cost, implementation start and end days, and implementation and backout plans.

Information provided when the proposal was submitted can also be changed. This includes the urgency, impact, and priority, along with the reason for the proposal.

The change manager can also use the Risk Analysis Calculator on the Risk tab to assess the risk associated with the proposal. For details, refer to Risk Analysis Calculator.

Once a proposal is assessed, use the "Accept" transition to send the proposal to the CAB for approval.

At any time during the process, a proposal can be deferred or rejected.

3. Proposal Approval

Once a proposal is assessed, they typically require CAB approval. For details on the approval process, refer to Change Advisory Boards and Approvals.

Assessed proposals are sent to the "Proposal Approved" state. Implementation start and end dates are required at this point.

Typically, the change manager will use the "Create New Change" transition to create RFCs from the proposal. Pertinent data from the proposal is copied to the change, and the RFC and proposal item are linked together.

Change managers can also use the "Link to Existing Change" transition to link existing RFCs to the proposal. In this case, data is not copied from the proposal to the change, but the two items are linked together.

Once the CAB approves a proposal, the change manager uses the "Cab Complete" transition to send the proposal to the "Implementation" state.

4. Proposal Implementation

When a proposal is sent for implementation, an implementation team is selected. This team is responsible for ensuring the RFCs linked to the proposal are implemented.

When all of the RFCs linked to a proposal are closed, the proposal automatically moves from the "Proposal Approved" state to the "Post Implementation Review" state.

After the implementation is reviewed, the proposal can be closed.