Adding Auxiliary Data to SSM Tables

Service Manager uses data that is stored in auxiliary tables. Data stored in these tables is used to populate fields in related tables. This ensures consistency and control for data selections.

For example, data in the Cost Center table is used to populate the Cost Center field in assets. Asset managers can add cost center values to the Cost Center table. As assets are acquired and assigned to users, the list of cost centers from the Cost Centers table is used.

You must populate most tables with data. If you followed promotion recommendations, however, some of these tables will have pre-populated data. You can read the promotion recommendations in Promoting the Snapshots.

To add or edit data records to your auxiliary tables, do one of the following:
The following table shows the auxiliary tables that are packaged with each process app.
The tables shown in bold type are populated automatically through actions in the workflow. Do not manually add to or manipulate these tables.
Process App Auxiliary Tables
SSM - Asset Management

Depreciation Type
Cost Center

SSM - Change Management No auxiliary tables are packaged with this process app.
SSM - Configuration Management System

CI Categories
CI Sub-Categories
CI Sub-Category Types  
Model Numbers
Relationship Types
Software Platforms

SSM - Incident Management

Symptom Codes
Resolution Codes

SSM - Problem Management Workarounds